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How much do all these membership benefits cost?

  • A $50 individual membership covers all the benefits for one year.
  • A $75 household membership covers all seniors living in the same dwelling for one year. 
    Membership is open to all Queen Anne's County seniors.  If the membership fee poses a financial hardship to you, please contact us about our Scholarship or installment options.

I may be 75, but I'm not "old"!  Why should I become a QA@H Member?

QAH membership provides a way for your to stay plugged into our community.  You have knowledge, skills and attitude our community needs!  You can be as engaged in QAH as you like, perhaps with social activities and helping others at first, then tapping into other resources as you find they may help you "stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected, and stay independent" in your home. 


I may be too young for Q@AH, but I'd like to help, how can I do that?

We're all about helping!  In-kind donations of goods and services are always an avenue, as are donations of time and talent.  Tax-deductible donations help subsidize events and scholarships.  Contact us about becoming a Sustaining Member!


How do I contact QA@H or become a member?

Please email Q@AH at, or call 410-635-4045.  We'd love to hear from you!


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